Monday, August 7, 2017


I do not own a copy of this on the newly printed Vestron blu-ray release, but the dvd I have is pretty sufficient to say the least. It's in a multi-pack from Lionsgate, so there are no special features or anything, but watching Parents just straight away is a weird yet satisfying treat on it's own. This is a very different type of film for Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt, and yet they were cast perfectly in my opinion with their quirky acting and straight-laced surface level yuppie prose they presented here. Right from the opening you get a sense that there just isn't something quite right with these two as Michael's parents, and the reveal later on with what he finally learns about his parents is pretty morbid indeed. The setting and time this takes place in isn't exactly set in stone, but I would have to guess somewhere between the 50's and 60's with how the dynamics between these two characters are represented here, along with how everyone is dressed and the older way of how men and women are placed in society. The women are at home and the men work. You get the idea. It's basically another film that states that everyone has some sort of secret that they would rather not have anyone know of, and I guess that's just part of human nature. 

   Americana. American perfection. The American dream.

I wish men were still men and women were still women.

Everything is dark. That's what I'm so worried about.

That might be a good idea. I should fill my water bed with cranberry juice.

Is that little girl behind Michael in class Felissa Rose?

 So were they having sex or... what the hell were they doing?!

The school psychologist is a kook-I love her!

Everyone watches everyone. The human species is nothing but a mass of perverted voyeurs.

Michael is hiding in the pantry and gets choked by the sausage on the shelf. Oooookkkk...

Night terrors are the best.

 Zits and zombies, I didn't think about this before, but Parents is actually pretty similar to the film Society with Billy Warlock. The child doesn't feel like they fit in, the parents/family has a hidden agenda they don't to be found out about, there's a pretty heavy reveal (albeit the pacing is different) and the child wins. And both films are very fulfilling to watch. I love this stuff. I won't spoil what happens in the final act, but I will say that aside from a few just really bizarre and out of context moments in Parents, this is a hidden gem in the horror world. I've pretty much never heard anyone talk about it, and it's a shame. Now that it's on blu-ray, I hope more of you gore geeks check it out because the tension, pace, characters and dialogue all work in favor of making this movie happen, and it's a strange offering to partake in, but it's damn worth it. Check it out. Oh, and if you're girlfriend just barges into your house and hides in the deep freeze, there are consequences. Just saying.

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