Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Alice Sweet Alice (VHS)

There isn't a religious bone in my body. But even I can be disturbed by a film that focus' itself on being totally anti-religious. On top of that structure, though, are just a collection of outlandishly bizarre characters that populate this world that Alice lives in. Her Aunt Annie is a complete Catholic Nazi and she gets what she deserves when the time comes later in the film. The landlord Mr. Alphonso has to be the creepiest, fattest cat-guy pedo I've ever had to endure, and he really tries to do things to Alice that no grown man should be doing to a 12 year old girl. He also gets what he deserves. Hoo-rah. The overall tone of Alice Sweet Alice is just pure evil, and has everything to do with going against straight Catholic beliefs, and that's completely ok with me. As the film progresses and people get murdered in and around the church, you can just feel the dread and the atmosphere surrounding you, making you wanting to get the hell out of there and hide under your binky in your bedroom. It oozes out of your t.v. screen and your VCR (or dvd player or whatever print you happen to watch) leaving you wondering if the Lord really does exist, why would he allow people to get stabbed in his house, in front of his congregation? He does love us so, right? Get out of here with that non-sense. 

 You know why a priest would want to see a little girl. Oh wait-that's for little boys. Nevermind.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

That looks like the mask from Sledgehammer. It's creepier here though.

   Holy shit, bro. Lose some weight. And start with not eating the cat food anymore.

 Where's Alice? She's doing the right thing by not attending your brainwashing sessions 2-3 times a week.

'Burning Catholic Corpses'. That would be a great death metal song or band name.

Who gives a shit if mass starts at 9, your niece was just murdered. Religious people, man.

I can't wait for Alice to stab Annie. I really can't wait for it.

This 400lb pedo-cat guy is way more disturbing than Alice could ever be.

Alice Sweet Alice is another great example to me of why religion just needs to be abolished all together. It twists people into shells of who they're supposed to be, and it's all about manipulation. The relationship between Alice and her Aunt Annie in this film is all to real for some people, and it's a plague on humanity that just needs to end already. This film has a very good whodunit framework built into it as even after you have made it to the end, you still don't fully know if Alice really is the killer or not. The writing and the plot sucks you into this really horrible life and world that Alice and her sister Karen have to be a part of, whether they like it or not, and the viewer really gets to feel the depression and the hurt that the sisters have to absorb that made them who they are. Zits and zombies, partake in this communion only if you are in the mood for a serious slasher flick that will leave you wanting to come back for multiple viewings. Corpus Christi.   

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