Monday, June 12, 2017

SIlent Night Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out!

The title for this entry in the Silent Night Deadly Night franchise is both highly appropriate and disappointing at the same time. The original film is a Christmas slasher classic revered by pretty much all horror freaks alike, while the sequel is completely abysmal-being comprised of 85% clips and scenes from the first just to tell a different angle of the same story, and the other 15% mainly focusing on a killing rampage including an infamous scene that everyone has ran across on Youtube randomly in the past 10 years or so. You know, garbage day?? I was personally hoping that this third entry would bring the series back to it's original form, but unfortunately it didn't. It kind of makes me not want to even bother with parts IV and V, but since the cast and crew for part IV ups the ante way higher than it should with Clint Howard and Reggie Bannister being main characters, Brian Yuzna being the director and Screaming Mad George having his hand dipped into the special effects; I'm fully expecting the sequel after this to be phenomenally entertaining. Part III kills my spirit for Christmas horror mainly because it's just a damn snoozer. I actually couldn't make it to the end without falling asleep. Bill Moseley "acting" in this didn't really do much, especially since he just stumbled around this whole film in a hospital gown and a red jello mold shaped like a brain on top of his head the whole fucking time. Ugh. Fucking waste of the man's talents. 

Run Laura, run!

I don't think asking Santa for help in this situation is a very good idea.

Rapist Santa. At it again.

What the-is that Gene Simmons with a baby?!

     80's metal guy... right in the nick of time.

This assclown is the original bad Santa. Fuck Billy Bob Thornton.

 Knew it... someone was going to get stabbed with the letter opener.

Damn Laura is mean spirited. I like it.

My name is Greg. I always make the chicks' panties wet.

 It's imperative that I get a sick-ass tape deck like that. Goodwill, here I come!

Granny be dead.

I feel like Silent Night Deadly Night Part III: Better Watch Out! is just an atrocious sequel. It does absolutely nothing for the lore of the original (the second one really didn't either) and the whole thing with Laura being telepathically connected to Ricky was utterly lame and I felt like it was just a total rip-off of the same idea from my favorite Jason flick; Friday The 13th part VII: The New Blood. Really, for now I'm going to suggest to you zits and zombies to watch the original or the re-boot until I watch part IV. The standards are high for that one. I guess Bill Moseley needed some cash at the time. We all whore ourselves out to get paid at one point or another in our lives. Hell, I worked at McDonald's for four years. That was enough.  

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