Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Silent Night Deadly Night IV: Initiation

In my last post about SNDN III, I touched on my enthusiasm about what I expected from the fourth film because of the cast and crew. Brian Yuzna's directing skills are definitely present here in the fourth installment, but still this film has absolutely nothing to do with any of the past lore or a fucking killer Santa Clause. This one just walks even further away from being anything to do with a Christmas horror flick, and has everything to do with witches, nasty ass bugs, hints of lesbianism and feminism and even a rape scene towards the end that has Clint Howard with his shirt off wearing a mask similar to Chris Fehn from Slipknot. And if that wasn't just outright bizarre on it's own merits, there are plenty of body horror scenes (that's mostly the type of horror Yuzna directs) involving some of the biggest and most grotesque insects I've probably ever wanted to see in any film of any kind. I almost vomited a couple of times because bugs just freak me the fuck out. Goddamned disgusting. In reality, the Silent Night Deadly Night name was probably just tacked on at the end as a marketing ploy to get people to buy this or watch it, but after the crappy trappings of the last two sequels, why would anyone even bother? Probably for the same reason I have so far-to see if the series ever returns to it's roots of having a serial killer/rapist Santa ruining people's lives. So far, I'm still extremely grossed out and disappointed. 

A burger with bugs and a burning bitch. This intro will wake you up!

Watching porn and banging your girl? My kind of lunch break!

Reggie, where have you been bro? Give me some mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone while you're at it.

I know you're a butcher, but at least wash your hands before you eat something. Please.

So far, I'm wondering what the hell any of this has to do with Billy, Ricky or a killer Santa Clause.

To many bugs. Just to damn many.

Prove it. Prove that that shit is real.

Holy shit! A radroach?!

I'm sure there's something wrong with that tea.

Ooooooooookkaayyyy.... I don't want to live anymore.

Out of the whole series, I don't know which to choose as being the worst sequel so far. This film should have just been titled Initiation or Bug Puke or something like that because the main focus of this film isn't what it's supposed to be. It's about a female cult that thrives on ridding society of men altogether by conducting this insane ritual where they lure random women in, put some black ash shit on their forehead, chant some Book of the Dead business and have some slug looking thing crawl into their belly button. Yeah. Tell me about it. I will probably never watch this ever again as long as I live. The only positive things I can say about Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation is that Brian Yuzna's body horror directing style is all still here, with some of the scenes even feeling and looking like it could have been part of a film of his that I enjoy waaaaaaayyy more than this by the name of Society. Also, Screaming Mad George's practical special effects are top notch per usual as all the insects herein are exceptionally nauseating to the eye, which I'm sure is what they were both going for. As a stand alone body horror flick, this is a solid piece. But as part of a series that's supposed to embody a killer Santa slaying (hah) people, it's trash. Only for the hardcore fans. Ho ho ho.    

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